6 Highly Effective Study Habits for College Students

January 5, 2016

1.Take thorough notes while in class & review afterwards

Writing down ideas immediately helps you absorb key terms and ideas. It doesn’t matter if you reading an assignment or you’re sitting through a lecture, always take notes. If you miss a lecture don’t be afraid to ask or a classmate’s notes.

2.Take all opportunities to study

Show initiative by taking every opportunity for extra credit of after-calls study sessions offered by your TA or professor. Showing initiative can create a safety-net for the future.

3.Eliminate lifestyle distractions

Technology offers constant access to new information. However, it also creates distractions and prevents students from concentrating on the task at hand. Avoid distractions by sticking to academic websites, and turning off the data on your phone.

4.Schedule your study time

Pick a location that’s peaceful, quiet, and that gives you plenty of room to work. Then set a specific appointment time each week, and stick with it.

5.Organize materials for class

Don’t keep a bulky binder or a backpack of loose paper, organize your notes and handouts into separate folders. Color-coding can make this process even easier.

6.Sleep – It’s not just for sheep

Without rest your brain cannot recharge in order to process and absorb new information. This limits your ability to think critically and learn new information. The occasional all-nighter is inevitable, but don’t make a habit of it.